States Ecofacts

After successfully launching the textual content of in London; we are now at the point of launching the video and the live streaming segment and we are embarking on project “STATE ECOFACTS”.

The project entails:

i.         Visual presentation of observable changes, side-by-side with prior scenario. This will review the archive of what certain areas (Roads, Hospitals, Schools, and general amenities) looked like, before “selected administrations” undertook positive actions and compare with present on-site recording.

ii.         Presentation of online media of unique economic policy elements of selected administration

iii.         Presentation of distinct economic scenario in concerned states: This will focus on marketing and publicising the exportable products (competitive advantage/comparative advantage) selected states.

A world wide online publicity will be given to outcome of the project with a live video hosted, for 24 hours accessibility with our UK host server. Such media will be maintained for a year until subsequent year’s review is made.